Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Need a class? 
Space available in these classes.

PHTO 58 (crn 31298): Intro to Video, Friday  9-1:50PM
PHTO 69 (crn 32704): Intermediate Video, Friday 9-1:50PM

PHOT 51 (crn 32910): Individual Projects, W 6-9:50PM*
PHTO 56 (crn 31276): Intro to Digital Photo, Tue 6-8:50PM
PHTO 56 (crn 31277): Intro to Digital Photo, TH 6-8:50PM
PHTO 57 (crn 31278): Intermediate Digital Photo,   F 2-4:50PM
PHTO/MSCM 72 (crn 32982): Documentary Photo, T 2-6:50PM
PHTO 64A (crn 31279): Artificial Light Photography, Sat 9-1:50PM

These classes are waitlisted:
PHTO 50 (crn32210): Introduction to Photo, T/TH 9-11:50AM
PHTO 50 (crn 31275): Introduction to Photo, T/TH 1-3:50PM
PHTO 67 (crn 31541 ): History of Photography, M 6-8:50PM

* Will appear under PHOTOGRAPHY CC on Class Web

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